Tell your story & grow your business
all at the same time 🚀

Daniel Kading

Ghostwriter for start-up founders & the teams they’ve built ✍🏻

Do you have a group of insanely talented
people working for you and more than enough
stories to fill up 10 podcast appearances?

Awesome clients, great results, and the desire to start sharing that with the world?

Building a business from the ground up takes a lot of really big moves - every single day - all day long

so writing content is the last thing on your radar when you have fires to put out

It's very simple what I do, I help ghostwrite your content so you don't have to. It still sounds, looks, and feels just like you, but you didn't have to write it.

And when you're in meetings building your company your content can organically be building your brand

Pretty awesome right!?

"If you are looking to up your influence,
look no further than Dan."

-Rex Allen
(Founder - Stokeship Branding & Creative Agency)

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Check out my e-book!


(one time services)

Strategy Session

Leverage LinkedIn and turn simple written content into a lead-generating
tool for your business⚡️

  • Figure out your niche

  • Hone in on your audience

  • Develop a content curation process that's sustainable

  • Learn how to build community and foster organic engagement around your message

  • I will design for you your own personal Content Hub in Google Docs for you to use as a design space for all your future creative written work

  • Craft your own proper LinkedIn post and teach you through your own voice how to create high-performing content (I'm literally going to make you into an expert copywriter overnight)

  • Then you will take this new knowledge and start creating and posting content on your own schedule

  • I will review your next 5 pieces of content and offer you feedback so you can improve a little more with each piece that you write

  • & we will do a follow-up 30 min meeting and review how you did, answer any questions you have, and sharpen your skills even more.

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Brand Revamp

Transform your LinkedIn profile into a landing page for your personal brand 🔥

  • I will create for you a new profile image, banner, headline, featured, and about section, so you can be one of the sharpest looking thought leaders on LinkedIn

  • In the process of redesigning your brand you will become more appealing to your target customer and therefore you can charge more for what you do

  • Instead of saying the same thing everyone else is with their message, you can stand out in a totally unique way

  • & I will incorporate specific features into your profile so you can improve searchability for your page leading to increased eyeballs overnight

  • The last thing you want to do is drive new clients to your LinkedIn page and not be able to sell who you are as a professional when they get there

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"From his copywriting skills to storytelling & most of all understanding the algorithm, all of it is phenomenal."

Tarzon Budhathoki
(Founder - Satori Events Melbourne)

(monthly services)

LinkedIn Ghostwriting

This is that part where we get to tell your story and grow your business
all at the same time

  • I will ghostwrite for you 12 pieces of LinkedIn content every month (that's 3 pieces per week) that will go out to your following to help grow your personal brand organically

  • Included in this is $794 of free services because my ghostwriting packages include both the Brand Revamp and Strategy Session

  • In addition to that we will have a meeting at the completion of each month to review what we did and assess which content performed better or worse and make those changes for the next month (organic marketing is all about experimenting as we go)

  • I use my own LinkedIn page as a testing ground for content strategies and I pass that knowledge down to my clients so they can stay ahead of everyone else

  • I will build a system for you to create content ideas more easily so you can sell more of who you are and what your business has to offer

  • Consistency is everything in the world of LinkedIn and through this system I can help you execute with precision and consistency

  • This will build trust with your audience through my three-pronged approach of Content Creation, Community Building, and Engagement Marketing

  • Everything we do together is yours to keep and use in the future

  • The amount of time it takes will vary but 3-6 months is the usual amount of time most people start to see really strong results with organic marketing on LinkedIn

  • With no more than 3-5 hours of commitment needed each week sporadically engaging in the comments section on your posts as well as others

are you ready?

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"Working with Daniel is like working with a close friend. He gets back to you quickly, gives honest feedback, and looks out for you."

-Murray Nyguyen
(Lab Manager)

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