Tell your story & grow your business
all at the same time 🚀

Daniel Kading

Ghostwriter for busy entrepreneurs ✍🏻

Do you have a group of insanely talented
people working for you and more than enough
stories to fill up 10 podcast appearances?

Awesome clients, great results, and the desire to start sharing that with the world?

Building a business from the ground up takes a lot of really big moves - every single day - all day long

so writing content is the last thing on your radar when you have fires to put out

It's very simple what I do, I help ghostwrite your content so you don't have to. It still sounds, looks, and feels just like you, but you didn't have to write it.

And when you're in meetings building your company your content can organically be building your brand

Pretty awesome right!?

"If you are looking to up your influence,
look no further than Dan."

-Rex Allen
(Founder - Stokeship Branding & Creative Agency)

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Check out my e-book!


(monthly services)

LinkedIn Ghostwriting

Stop trying to "Go Viral" and instead, build your brand consistently with minimal effort

  • I will ghostwrite for you 12-20 pieces of LinkedIn content every month (3-5 per week)

  • (700-1300 characters)

  • This will go out to your following to help grow your brand and your business organically

  • Not only driving in raving fans but creating top-of-funnel brand awareness at scale

  • We will focus on several types of content and use many strategies that I have learned over the last few years of creating content full-time on LinkedIn and Twitter + many more

  • We will not only tell a vivid story that exposes the nuances of your brand but also your unique experiences within the industry and I'm going to write that message for you

  • What this will do is build your brand to help you find more customers

  • It will also provide you with more earned media opportunities (podcasts, speaking engagements, live streams) you will also be able to recruit better talent

  • On top of that charge higher prices because your brand will garner you more clout within your industry

  • In addition to that, we will have a meeting at the completion of each month to review what we did, assess the content, and make changes for the next month, plus double down on what worked best (organic marketing is all about experimentation) and our strategy will shift as we work together

  • In this meeting I will ask you pertinent questions, I will transcribe what you say with AI and use that as inspiration for your next month of content

  • I will also schedule that content for you so your content system will run on auto-pilot and you can focus on your business

  • Consider me your social media manager and content strategist in your back pocket

  • We can't just post content we also need to build community simultaneously and I will guide you through that process

  • I use my own profiles as testing grounds for new strategies and I pass that knowledge down to you so you can stay competitive in an ever-fluctuating algorithm

  • I will build a system for you to create content ideas more easily so you can sell more of who you are and what your business has to offer without cutting into your schedule

are you ready?

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"From his copywriting skills to storytelling & most of all understanding the algorithm, all of it is phenomenal."

Tarzon Budhathoki
(Founder - Satori Events Melbourne)

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